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Google Nigeria introduces ‘Google Maps for Mobile’

By on September 24, 2013

Google NigeriaGoogle Nigeria on Tuesday introduced advanced features on its maps to make driving or walking through unfamiliar terrains easier for mobile phones users.

The features are accessible by any smart phone user.

A statement signed by Mr Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, the Company’s Communications and Public Affairs Manager, said that “Google Maps for Mobile” would make directions more easier to get.

He said that the Google Maps Navigation system included everything expected from a GPS navigation system and much more.

“We have worked to improve the comprehensiveness and usefulness of Google Maps through advanced features like voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation.

“Many Nigerians are today using this tool to navigate their way around the country,” the Google official said.

He said that Google Maps Navigation (Beta) could be accessed by any smart phone user running Android 2.2+and iOS 5.1+ and required no downloads or updates.

Kola-Ogunlade said that in addition to guiding the user on any journey, the user would also have access to information about thousands of cities, towns, roads and points of interest.

“In other words, whether you are heading to Abuja Stadium for a football match or Calabar for a family holiday, Google Maps Navigation has you covered,’’ he said.

The public affairs manager said that with Google Maps Navigation, the user’s phone would announce upcoming directions as one moved along the route in English or French.(NAN)