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Bid opening: NCAA assures on fairness, due process

By on August 25, 2013

The Director of Administration, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and Chairman of the Bid Opening of 2013 Procurement Project, Aba Ajembi, has assured bidders that the agency would be fair while considering the bids. The process he said, will open in line with the Public Procurement Act of 2007.

Addressing journalists in Lagos, the chairman, who was overwhelmed with large number of people who expressed interest, commended the bidders for participation and for believing in the bidding process.

The bids, he said are divided into several categories, which include ICT, building and renovation and supply.

He also thanked the bidders for the confidence repose on NCAA and for responding to the advertisement placed by the regulatory body asking interested bidders to express their interest.

According to him, “By expressing your interest and coming to witness the bidding process, you have demonstrated your confidence in NCAA’s ability to deliver and follow due process.”

The director of Administration stated that the journey was not just starting; pointing out that it was as a result of long and painstaking preparation by the agency.

What the bidders have just done, he said, was part of participation in national development, adding that by submitting their bids, the bidders were just exercising their democratic right.

“On the part of NCAA, whatever we do, people must have confidence in us. People must trust us. People must also know that when we ground aircraft for example it is for safety and for the sake of the flying public. If you are doing business with us, is rest assured that fairness will be our watch word and due process and transparency will be the other of the day in line with Public Procurement Act of 2007.”

The director of administration further commended the bidders for their expression of interest despite the fact that they went through a lot of stress, noting that it goes to show how much believe they have in NCAA.

On whether the bid opening process was going to be the usual Nigerian way of doing things; where the powers that be influence who becomes the preferred bidder, he reiterated that whatever NCAA does with the bids at the bid opening would be in line with Public Procurement Act of 2007.

On his part, a representative of the Director General of NCAA, who is also the company Secretary, Barrister Pollie Okoronkwo, said “your coming shows that you value us and that you want to do business with us .We would not only follow due process but we would also ensure that the process is transparent.”



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