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Passengers lambast critics of airport remodelling

By on April 14, 2013

Air passengers and airline operators have lambasted critics of airport remodelling currently be undertaken by the Aviation Minister, Princes Stella Oduah, and said the exercise has made passenger movement easy and comfortable.

Some of the passengers said the upgrade of facilities has made air travelling easy and pleasurable. They condemned those who were criticising the projects, calling it ordinary painting job and said that their condemnation of the projects “showed that they do not have good intention for this country.”

This was corroborated by the Chief Executive Officer of Overland Airways, Captain Edward Boyo,  who said that the rehabilitated airports have improved passenger movement and are attracting more people to travel by air.

One of the passengers, who simply identified himself as Fred, said, “I am surprised that some people who call themselves industry stakeholders are condemning this laudable work the Federal Government is doing. I have worked in this airport for years before I went into business and I am always travelling from this airport.

I am disappointed with the so-called stakeholders because this has shown that they have ulterior motive; their motive is not for the development of this country, but what gets to them as individuals; otherwise they should be encouraging government to continue in what they are doing.”