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Independent marketer blames NNPC for kerosene scarcity

By on April 13, 2013

An authoritative source has said that kerosene was scarce in the country because the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) was the sole importer of the product.

The source, a notable independent marketer of petroleum products, who, however, chose anonymity, said that, for now, the NNPC alone could not import kerosene to meet the demand of Nigerians.

“We will continue to experience artificial scarcity of kerosene and hike in its price; adulteration of the commodity will also persist,” he said.

The source said that the hardship in getting kerosene could continue until the importation of the product is liberalised.

According to him, kerosene importation should be done the way some marketers are being allowed to bring in petrol.

The source said that less than 5 million litres of kerosene, instead of 12 million litres, were distributed to the marketers of the product in the last two months.

He said that it was reasonable for government to begin to consider giving licences to independent marketers to import kerosene.

Efforts to contact the Acting Group General Manager, Public Affairs, of the NNPC, Ms Tumini Green, were unsuccessful.

A litre of kerosene sells for between N120 and N135 in most filling stations in Lagos, as against the government regulated price of N50 per litre.




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