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MASSOB introduces ‘Biafran Income Tax’

By on February 4, 2013

The Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, yesterday said it will start collecting Biafran Income Tax from Ndigbo, beginning from February 16, 2013.

The new move by MASSOB was contained in a statement sent to National Mirror by its Director of Information, Comrade Uchenna Madu.

This development was coming at a time when MASSOB is predicting that Nigeria will disintegrate and cease to be a country at the end of 2014.

In the said statement, Madu said the introduction of 2013 Biafran income tax by their leader, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, was part of the ongoing consolidation of MASSOB’s government structures and diplomatic relations.

Shedding light on the extent they will go in collecting the tax, Madu said; “The collection of 2013 Biafran income tax will commence on February 16, throughout Biafra and Nigeria, where Biafrans reside, it is a mandatory tax, it is a mark of respect and honour to Biafra, a mandatory obligation for all Biafrans.”

He said for now, MASSOB as a genuine organisation has been busy establishing Biafran government, through the creation of regional structures and consolidation of diplomatic relations.

The director of information, who said that consistency is always their watchword, assured that as Biafrans that they shall never relent in their struggle or be discouraged by the waves of distraction around them.

Speaking to National Mirror on the issue of who will collect the tax on their behalf, Madu said; “Our security will go out to collect it, they will go to the markets and streets, in public places and other relevant places to collect the tax, our people are willing to pay, very willing, we have been announcing it and the response from people have been encouraging.”

The MASSOB spokesman urged the people to lend their support to the group, because Biafra is around the corner. He predicted that Biafra will bring the comfort and consolation seriously needed by every Igbo man.

Madu, who was full of optimism when he spoke to our Correspondent, said they don’t for see a clampdown from security agents, because what they are doing now does not concern them, stressing that they will not be deterred if the government starts to harass MASSOB agents again.

Sounding optimistic, Comrade Madu continued, “Government will never interfere, they won’t, this is about the people, government can never stop Ndigbo from paying Biafran tax, this is purely an income.”

He said they have now introduced the income tax, since the struggle is reaching its climax, when the organisation is putting in place government structures.

Speaking on when they hope to achieve their major objective of an independent and free Biafran state, Madu, who contended that they have no fixed time-frame for the realisation of their goal, however, maintained that Nigeria can break up any moment from now.

“That CIA prediction is certain, anything beyond 2014, Nigeria is living on expired ground, because, there will be no more anchor to hold Nigeria,” Madu said.


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