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Standard Organization of Nigeria assures of viable quality policy

By on January 25, 2013

Joseph Odumodu

With a view to ensuring that Nigeria no longer become a dumping ground for contraband, illegal , fake, sub-standard and expired goods and products, the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) has restated its commitment to pushing for a national quality policy.

Considering the need for the restoration of values, order, sanity and decency in the nation, the regulatory body responsible for checkmating the influx of sub-standard products, is also set to crackdown on companies whether local or foreign that are aiding the process of illegality.

To further boost its operations in the nation, the regulatory body has received a nod for the establishment of a National Accreditation Service, within the next four weeks. This will guarantee that the accreditation done in the country,will follow global standards in order to gain acceptance anywhere in the world.

The Director-General of the agency, Dr Joseph Odumodu gave a breakdown of the decision during a media chat with journalists in Lagos, yesterday.He said the policy when implemented will bring transformation to the manufacturing sector and create serious awareness for consumers in the country.

Dr Odumodu believed that time had come for the Government to assert itself in the area of quality products and goods in the country, so as not to be taken likely as it used to be in the past years. Nigeria has become a dumping ground over the years for sub-standard products from some parts of Asia and Europe.

The proposed quality policy will bring a new level of standardization in the country, that will have zero- tolerance for inferior products. Speaking further on this, Dr Odumodu said “By May, any product without e-registration code would be removed from the shelves, irrespective of whether they have been accredited or not. We need to know who is bringing which product and the e-registration exercise is to ensure that products have duly been registered.”