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Nigerian Stock Exchange Is Third Most Profitable Market On Earth

By on January 3, 2013

Nigeria was the third most rewarding stock market  globally in 2012 behind Egypt and Kenya, as investors harvested 35.45 percent yield- to- date return on investment from the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).

According to a study by Meristem Research, the bulk of the returns came from NSE 30 selected stocks with 44.61 percent YtD return, Food and Beverages, 42.27 percent and banking, 23.91 percent.

The companies that offered the returns, according to the study, included the Paints & Coatings Manufacturers Nigeria (PCMN), with 276.92 returns to close at N1.9 per share, Presco with YtD of 96.08 percent to finish at 17.00 , Airline Services Limited, with 92.63 returns and closing price of N4.18 per share, Zenith Bank 60.02 return and price of N19.49 and UTC, which rewarded investors with 50 percent at the price of N0.75 per share.

The Nigerian Stock Exchange All Share Index finished the year at 28,078.80 with market capitalisation of N8.974 trillion.

The Egyptian stock market was the most profitable, with YtD of 49.56 percent, Kenya, second with 39.32 percent return to investors. YtD from the Ghana Stock Exchange was 35.45 percent, while South Africa returned 23.81 percent to investors.

The US Dow Jones Average closed the year with YtD of 6.40 percent, NASDAG Composite Index 13.95 percent, UK FTSE All share index 8.61 percent, France FAC 40 index 14.80 percent and German Dax index, 29 percent.

YtD from China’s Hang Seng was 23.90 percent, India BSE 30 index 25.82 percent and Japan Nikkei 225, 22.94 percent.

The return profile shows that African markets  were most attractive by return standard, followed by markets in the Asia/ Pacific regions.

It shows that returns in matured markets of Europe and America are thinning out , a situation that leaves African and other emerging markets as viable alternative markets.

Analysts say if the trend continues in the New Year, increased migration of investors to emerging and frontier markets like Nigeria, other African countries and the Asia markets will be witnessed.

Victor Ogiemwonyi, CEO, Partnership Investment and Investment Company, said the capital market growth momentum would continue in 2013.

He attributed the growth recorded in 2012 partly to the regulators’ hard work. “They have put in place needed reforms that are now responsible for the gradual return of confidence to the market”, he said.

According to Ogiemwonyi, the outlook for 2013 is very positive. “I expect the market to do better than average in the New Year.

The factors that will influence things include the rising confidence and the liquidity that will follow, especially with the year starting with an approved budget.

The gradual return of investors will see the market rise in the first quarter and slowly correct any spike that may be too far from the average”, he predicted.