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PPPRA Secretary Embarrassed by National Assembly, Walked Out of Session

By on November 29, 2012

Executive Secretary, PPPRA, Mr. Reginald Stanley

For not being able to give clear account and information on the amount that accrued from the sale of kerosene at 15 kobo per litre the Executive Secretary of the Petroleum Product Price Regulatory Authority (PPPRA) Mr. Reginald Stanley received a rude shock as he was ordered to leave the venue of the National Assembly Joint Session scrutinizing the 2013  budget of the Agency.

Senator Magnus Abe Chairman of the Petroleum Downstream sub sector and his House of Representatives counterpart Hon Peterside Dakuku gave the order showing their displeasure at the incompetence of the PPPRA Executive Secretary.

The lawmakers were said to have frowned at the agency’s use of its Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), which amounted N5,725,920,535.00, as running cost to pay the salaries of 249 members of staff of PPPRA.

The lawmakers were disgusted at what stemmed from the fact that PPPRA should have consulted the National Assembly before spending the money, noting that it is not an autonomous agency, but a parastatal accountable to the Nation.

Due to the inconsistencies of the Scribe in his   response on the operations of the agency, the lawmakers ordered the PPPRA boss to furnish them with how much had been raised, how it was spent as well receipts and vouchers used in the process.

His analysis and breakdown of expenditure revealed that the agency was allocating Budget and carrying out its activities without submitting them for vetting from the National Assembly an action which the Joint session felt uncomfortable with.

Senator Abe stressed during the Joint session that “What we want to bring to our attention is the attitude of some of our operators in the sector who always think that except appropriations are drawn directly from the consolidated revenue fund, they are not accountable to parliament for it”.

He went on to further state “I want to make it very clear that except the money that you get from your father’s farm or your grandfather’s farm is spent, any money that comes through you, or to you or is expended through any agency as part of the public responsibility is subject to review by the people of Nigeria and the National Assembly that represents the interests of the people of Nigeria”.

With wastages and corruption identified in the Ribadu Report and various Committees investigating   the operations in the Petroleum sector the National Assembly has pledged to play its role monitoring the activities and budget allocation/ performance of Agencies like the PPPRA, safeguarding the interest of the Nigerian People.