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Hurricane Sandy aftermath may Hit Lagos

By on October 31, 2012


The Lagos State Commissioner for Waterfront Development and Infrastructure, Mr. Adesegun Oniru has called on Lagosians to be vigilant as the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy could affect Lagos.

Hurricane Sandy, the coastal storm which affected the United States eastern board earlier this week, damaging billions of dollars in property, also caused power outages in some suburbs on the Eastern seaboard. The entire New York subway system was badly damaged, and flooded. The New York Stock Exchange was closed for the longest period in American history.

Now, the Lagos State government is projecting a ripple effect anywhere from 7 to 14 days.

Oniru said, “This warning is not to cause panic in Lagos, but to place us all on alert that if we notice anything unusual in our coast lines, we should not go near the waters but rather call government attention.

“This storm has hit the Caribbean and is now in USA. We always get a ripple effect of such happening in Lagos.

“This wind started in Africa, went west gathering more wind and later turning to hurricane. We expect a splash back effect. It could be on our coast lines and shore lines, it could be more than that. And it may not happen at all. Everybody must be vigilant. Let us be careful around our oceans and lagoons.”