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Ottoabasi Abasiekong: Politics And The State 12

By on October 9, 2012

2012 Politics has continued to reveal the new year message of Christian Leader Dr Myles Munroe that it will test the character and strength of men when it comes to the issue of Leadership.
Leadership and Politics are inter—related because the former drives the direction and tempo of the latter, so the kind of leadership structure in a Nation defines the direction and systemic transformation and sustainability of the socio-political system.

In India the recent decision by Prime Minister Mamonh Singh to remove subsidy on fuel and announce the approval of Foreign Direct Investment competition into the Indian Retail Shop industry sparked protests sponsored by the opposition parties led by the BJP Party.

It is not that the Indians have forgotten the role of this economic architect in redesigning the economy from a stagnant ‘License Raj System’ to a dynamic market economy system. It is just the fear that the character of the government and its commitment to drive policies that will promote the interests of the citizens.

To compound the challenges of the Singh Administration the BJP party released a letter in 2002 where he refused any policy on FDI inflow in the Indian retail shop industry, which is a development Singh would have to grapple with, even as he has been trying to convince Indians on his new economic direction.

Obviously the Indian economy has not been fairing very well this year and the Prime Minister looking at the situation from his economic binoculars believes that stimulating growth for a failing economy would be accelerated through a Foreign Direct Investment drive for a sector like the retail industry a u-turn from his initial stance.

That for the opposition is an integrity issue, because for the Prime Minister to change a policy he believes was not going to aid local content growth for the Indian retail industry, is a sign of insincerity.
Well as we watch with amazement the developments in India, the U.S Presidential elections is good to go with one month remaining and it was an electrifying Presidential debate at the University of Denver, Colorado between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney on October the 4th.

The focus was on domestic policy, the economy and the healthcare policy, with PBS Jim Lehrer the moderator both candidates showed maturity, comportment and respect for each other throughout the debate, but one issue ahead of the elections will be the test of the character of these men.

President Obama looked unprepared, ruffled and in disarray as he took too much time explaining the impact he has made in leading an American economic recovery, while Governor Mitt Romney seized the moment to present his policy plan like a ‘Superman’ about to deliver America.

At the end of the first debate that which Governor Mitt Romney won, there are still some issues to note ahead of the elections. With the re-energizing of the Romney Campaign, the republicans will have to unveil their economic recovery plan for Americans too see and weigh their options.

The Obama Campaign will have to dig in before the next debate and leverage on the good news that the U.S. Job rates have reduced from 8 percent to about 7.8 percent an indication of additional 114,000 jobs in September the best unemployment reduction since 2009.

On the issue of taxing, the middle-class Americans will move convincingly to the polls to vote Obama as the debate revealed Romney’s stance that he cannot tax or burden the high-income earners, and how can you raise more funds to tackle the deficit and manage the economy, if you don’t tax the high-income earners big question.

Also sustaining the Strength of the Military for Romney, and a Cut by Obama on the Military expenditure will also give the voters a choice on whether they would want a fortified or peaceful America.
On the medicare, it was interesting to note that Romney developed and modelled it in Massachussets adopting a BI-Partisan approach, which the Obamacare plan will have to learn and a close study of considering the State inputs and not making it a Federal Monologue.

Beyond the glamour, news, ads and speeches every American will have to think and decide on the leader that reveals sincerity in his approach to tackling the American challenge. President Obama four years ago said he is ‘Not a perfect man, and believes that the American recovery will not be a miraculous turnover, but a steady, committed and determined path to recovery’.

That expression is remarkable for a President and is typical of the Biblical David, but for Governor Romney his infamous comments about 47 percent Americans being ‘victims’ entitled to government aid; at a florida fundraiser maybe his undoing and despite his recent apologies it could seal his fate ahead of the elections.

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