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80 Million Nigerians have no Electricity – Survey

By on May 23, 2012

Global Research firm TNS RMS has reported findings indicating over 80 million Nigerians do not have access to electricity supply. This revelation comes at a time the Federal Government has concluded plans to hike electricity tariff from June 1st.

The research surveyed 5,000 respondents from all the states of the Federation as well as Abuja.

Findings indicated, “17% of those who have access get once a week, while five per cent never get electricity at all in their households. Only eight per cent get supplies every day.

“Only 10 per cent are satisfied with the strength of electricity distributed in their households. Majority 59 per cent are dissatisfied with the strength of the electricity levels.”

The report indicated that only 13% of Nigerians are satisfied with the services of the PHCN, whilst 87% of Nigerians are dissatisfied and would like to see the government take proactive steps to increase power generation, distribution infrastructure and overhaul the PHCN.