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Patience Jonathan Launches Very ‘Special Project’ in Warri

By on May 17, 2012

Tuesday saw the first lady, Patience Jonathan, stormed Warri with a plethora of members of the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Police, Airforce), State Security Service, Advisers, Aides and some of her home-girls in order to launch a very special project.

Many indigenes in Warri were delighted to learn about the visit of the First Lady. They were pleased because Warri no dey carry last and here was the First Lady to come and honour that official slogan of the City of Warri.

The City dwellers were wondering what project it could be that the First Lady was there to launch, perhaps it was an ultra-modern hospital or maybe a school. No! It had to be a housing project. What could it be, many wondered? After all the First Lady had traveled with over 100 personnel from her base – the Aso Rock, Abuja.

The speculators were all wrong. Patience had something more special in mind than a hospital, school or housing project. She flew from Abuja to Warri with hundreds in tow in order to launch a beauty salon owned and operated by a dear friend of hers.

Now nothing can be subtracted from the importance of this landmark event. After all beauty is one of the topmost priorities of a First Lady. When Michelle Obama has a necklace moment everybody notices. First Ladies are important and beauty is important to them. After can you imagine how many ladies are standing in line praying for their fortunes to turn so they can have their own dose of good luck? Well there are myriad of such desperate women. We all saw what happened in former US President, Bill Clinton’s administration when Hilary was too busy focusing on her career and other important matters than her personal beauty.

When one puts all these in perspective, we begin to see the importance of the special project the First Lady was on hand to launch earlier this week. A beauty salon, gym and massage shop somewhere on Effurun Road is no ordinary project.

In a related development, the security situation improved by 10,000% for the few hours the First Lady was in the town due to the small battalion of armed security personnel in her entourage.
Perhaps if the First Lady had arrived earlier her security personnel could have thwarted the robbers that killed a DPO, 5 Policemen, 2 Soldiers and 3 civilians on the Ughelli-Asaba expressway just the day before.
Weapons recovered from the robbers included a Rocket Propelled Grenades, three AK 47 rifles, 96 expended AK 47 ammunition and 1000 unexpended ammunition.

Thankfully, the minds of Deltans were relieved due to the arrival of the First Lady and her security entourage less than 18 hours later. Police sources said the previous day’s robbery incident had been like a war zone and described the robbers as ex-militants. Perhaps these are some of the ex-militants not benefiting from the amnesty largesse and securing multi-billion Naira contracts in Abuja. What a Pity! From the dignified struggle for emancipation of Niger Delta to lowly armed robbery. Something has to give.