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Electricity Tariff Hike is Callous, Insensitive and May Cause Violence – Senator

By on May 16, 2012

The former deputy-governor of Ogun State Aegbenga Kaka has called the Federal Government’s plans to increase electricity tariff in the country dangerous, callous and insensitive.

Senator Kaka, speaking at the occasion of his 60th birthday in Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State called on the government to scrap the idea, calling it an anti-development initiative.

He said, “We need good leadership. We want a situation whereby electricity will work. The multiplier effect of electricity is employment generation and artisan work productivity.

“It is so enormous. But in a situation whereby we don’t have such a thing that is taken for granted in other climes, that it is a luxury to us here, something must be wrong with us.

“On top of this now we keep on hearing that the government is endorsing an increase in tariff on a product that is not available to the people.

“So, if we are not careful, we will be moving towards a revolution in this country. It’s becoming imminent, it’s staring us in the face. Those who are supposed to know have known. People like Ibrahim Babangida and Theophilus Danjuma have spoken and everybody has seen that we are moving towards a dangerous trend. So, it is better we, get things sorted out before they escalate into anarchy.”

He added, ““If it is possible to ban generator importation, I can assure you that within three months, we’ll have regular electricity. The problem militating against the refineries is the cabal which we have over-flogged. We’ve heard what has been done with our money called subsidy money and we need to get to the roots, get some people jailed to serve as deterrent to others.”