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Ashaka to Expand Cement Production to 1.3 Million Tons per Annum

By on February 8, 2012

Ashaka Cement, a publicly quoted company and subsidiary of Lafarge Wapco has stated it will add 300,000 metric tons per annum to its current 1,000,000 tons per annum production capacity.

According to the Chairman of Ashaka, Alhaji Umaru Kwairanga, the company is expanding on its operations in order to remain competitive as other cement manufacturers are also aggressively expanding. Dangote Cement launches a 6 million tons factory in Ibese tomorrow.

According to the Chairman, Ashaka, “We have maintained our market share which is a little above 5 percent but with the growth of the market we feel we cannot continue to stay where we are; so we have already started working on short-term expansion so that we can move our company from 1 million metric tons production capacity by an additional 3, 000, 000 plus metric tons   this year.  We have commenced feasibility study on this and the outcome will help us determine the next line of action.”

The chairman also disclosed that Ashaka was the only cement manufacturer in the country to utilize coal in its operations instead of petroleum products and as such was not affected by the increase in prices of the same.

He stated, “we are the only cement company in Nigeria that is using coal. This was a substitute to the use of LPFO for kiln firing. The project consists of coalmine operation at Maiganga and coal grinding workshop at Ashaka. The company has commenced the burning of coal to fire its kilns. I think it is an advantage for us as compared with other cement manufacturing companies.

“The power project was embarked upon to improve utilisation factor for its cement mills that would result in increased output in order to satisfy its sales requirement as per budget. The project was completed in the beginning of 2008 and has helped to boost production at its cement mills.”

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  1. Michael

    February 8, 2012 at 10:37 am

    Nigerians please READ the NNPC Policy.
    And TELL me why the crops of thieves starting from the GROUP managing Directors are STILL in office.
    Established by the NNPC Act No. 33 of 1st April, 1977
    Management of All Government in the Nigerian oil Industry
    Coordinating the development of Nigerians first gas master plan (GMP)
    Ensures efficient and effective operations in both downstream and upstream operations in the oil and gas sector
    Co-ordinates the activities of its subsidiaries for effective service delivery.
    Madam Minister,
    (1) Please ASK yourself, Have these managers respected there VALUES .
    (2) With the huge fraud within the NNPC and its agents, the managers, starting from GROUP Managing directors have failed Woefully, defrauding the NATION and bastardising with huge abuse the oil sector which ought to keep every Nigerian happy.
    (3) No body is above the law , these guys have committed crimes, relocating them within NNPC is Nothing More like a MOCKERY to Nigerians .
    MADAM Minister IT’S A BIG SHAME, you cannot take action on the thieves .