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FRSC: The New Driver’s License And Number Plates Controversy

By on December 1, 2011

For a country that will be contending with fuel subsidy removal, increase electricity bill and others in 2012, FRSC is rushing forward to implement a policy that will snatch NGN21, 000 from certified and qualified driver who own a vehicle. They said It is even costlier for higher grades of vehicles.

Disappointing too, President Goodluck Jonathan has endorsed it having unveiled the new vehicle security items. He has described it as the FRSC’s contribution to his government’s transformational agenda. We wonder when FRSC became a revenue mobilization outfit for the government. We have it that these number plates and driver’s licenses will rake in about N190 billion.

We are deeply worried about the prospect of 2012 being a roughshod of strikes and bitterness considering the fact that government deregulating petroleum products, exchange rates, electricity and now vehicular licensing and new plate numbers. For this reason, citizens and motorists are afraid about the repercussion of these policies coming in together to disturb the present unpleasant socio-economic state of things and the possible shrinking of purchasing power.

The ugly fact is that next year will be an unleashing of funny, troubling and insensitive government policies.

Also, the process involved in acquiring new driver’s license is just cumbersome. One has to fillin the accreditation identification on the web page, paying to a bank, visiting the Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO) for signature on the form, driving tests at the VIO’s office, passing which you go to the FRSC office for physical capture. If you pass you get a temporary license for 15 to 30 days then you visit the VIO’s office to collect the new license.

While FRSC and its supporters argued that this process will bring order and improve safety on our roads by catching traffic offenders, tackle terrorism and safeguard vehicles from thieves, we think the price being charge for such is just too exorbitant.

Finally, it seems this agency is not concern about the citizenry who have to contend with recent harsh government policies; else there is no campaign yet for enlightenment and persuasion for public acceptance.  We think they should reconsider the price and gradually introduce this.  Better still, we suggest that when road users come to renew particulars, they can capture their data biometrically and therefrom build a database for security purpose.


  1. Didigold

    December 1, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    the FRSC is like other agencies taking undue advantage of the Nigerians. N21, 000 is just too high. We shouldnt be looking at what revenue will come in afterall what is the additional revenue used for. your guess is as good as mine. Transformer in the pocket…..

  2. Mnduru

    December 1, 2011 at 10:24 pm

    Your observations are very apt and to the point. This regime may well go down in history as the most insensitive to the plight of the down trodden. It is unbelievable, considering the fact that president Jonathan rode into power on the campaign that he was one of the masses.
    What is the logic in the attempt at making me jettison my current plate no which is still good and for which I paid my hard earned money, for a new one that I don’t need.

    Some how one begins to wonder if the president who endorsed this rough shod ride by FRSC, actually had an idea of what to do as a president. God help this country!

  3. Kayode

    December 2, 2011 at 1:39 am

    This is the usual crap you get from a directionless government. In what ways does the new plates make roads safe and secure our Country? What data are they trying to collate again? National ID card, voters register, telephone line registration etc. what has been done with all of these?

    For some reason that is unclear to me, this government does not intend to contest for a second term. This is a self destruct government. May God deliver us and send us our Moses.