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ISPAT Steel Company Suspended By SON For Poor Quality Production

By on November 24, 2011

Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) on Tuesday, suspended the production of iron rods from ISPAT Steel Company, in Agbara area, after failing to adhere to quality procedures prescribed by the agency.

Director General, SON, Mr. Joseph Odumodu, issued deadlines for iron rod producing companies to meet with conformity with the requirement of NIS 117 for building materials. The inspection visit, which follows the 60-day ultimatum issued by SON, was carried out unannounced by the Head of a Special Task force set up by the SON director general.

According the Head of the Special Task Force, Mr. Bede Obeyi, the company was found to have defaulted in meeting SON standards, as it imported substandard iron rods, which did not have SON CAP certification.

Revealing that sanctions for failure to comply will result in total closure of the company, Obeyi explained that the task force inspection team began work on Monday with unannounced visits to steel producing companies in various locations in Lagos.

He added: “SON did a market survey of iron rods and found that various companies did not meet the standards set. Our on the spot tests of the iron rods in some factories showed results that were contrary to our standards and upon inspection our results proved us right. Although other companies visited also showed compliance, which shows that enforcement is working as we are on their trail.

“What prompted SON to do this is because in other labs we found out that the product some iron rods in the market did not meet our standards. We will continue to hold more visits unannounced.  We also have state offices, which will carry out routine inspections. However, SON’s special task force uninformed inspection visit to various Iron rod and steel producing factories in the Lagos environ will continue.