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Where Is Our Job Creation Plan?

By on September 16, 2011

What is the single most important step the government should take to create more jobs? We think that our government should stop spending so much and stop double taxation and taxing productivity. Stop borrowing entirely and begin employing strategies and ideas that don’t require hefty sums. It should release control of the free market (kill its statist moves) and begin creating the enabling environment to spurring enterprises.

We advise the government to stop expanding past its constitutional limits.  While we misconstrue development for large structures, we should know that our core asset would always be people. This is the way to industrialization and possibility of spurring cutting edge industries. With unnecessary bloated bureaucracy, we should begin to scrap irrelevant and fund-guzzling ministries from this moment.

Unemployment has been compounded by high population growth with attendant rapid growth in labour force, thereby creating excess and low-quality manpower with few jobs available. With a weak economy and low absorptive capacity, we are challenged to come up radical ideas to absorb our youthful labour.

The time is now for us to make system-wide changes. We have to earnestly bring about transformation of the collapsed socio-economic infrastructures to stem the unemployment time bomb with potentials for grave social dislocation in the coming years.

In all, information technology can help. We can create massive new kinds of workers with shorter training requirements by using web technology. We have to continuously collect routine data to let officials monitor the number of jobs created and the deficit.  Once aggregated, data could be used to survey unemployment and employment generation trends, spot emerging issues, and assess the performance of the whole employment generation system.

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  1. Francis obila

    September 16, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    Human natural resource can take any country from its state to an improved situation.Apparently we have a potential labour market that can create a  big mark in improvement of the economy. Emphasis should be laid on strategic job creation and labour market energizing. Education should not be taken for granted because it is the bedrock of positive civilization and so the labour market should be well equiped. Thanks