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Govt Mega Projects, The Poverty In Nigeria: The Need For Practical Value

By on September 13, 2011

About 70 percent of Nigeria’s 150 million people live below the poverty line, this figure rose from 54 percent previously. Poverty in Nigeria remains endemic in spite of poverty alleviation works. This development has been described by CBN governor as unacceptable because of the risk it poses to economic growth. The last election is a clear reflection of this and the hopelessness that pervades our land. We now have a clear mission to save our land.

With planned and massive infrastructure like proposed highways, international airports, big stadiums and other mega projects, these all could translate to have more publicity value than practical value for the people. As time to build a modern Nigeria is overdue, government at all levels need to realize that to reach its vision and goals of building and sustaining a new Nigeria as a model for Africa, it must take effective steps to bring about a more equitable distribution of wealth and resources.

Nigeria’s poverty and youth joblessness are same factors that stir North Africa countries to government change through uprising and fierce demonstrations. Let note here that to check poverty, we must begin at the top.  Our leaders at all levels must show a simple and humble life style. Today’s prevailing luxury lifestyle and its vulgar extravagance of our decision makers has a potential to lead to calamity as over 80 per cent of Nigeria’s is wealth and resources is controlled by about 20 per cent of the people who make up the rich and ruling elite.

As another round of elections is around the corner, we should learn not to seek power or prestige for personal gain or glory. But that we should sincerely, sacrificially and selflessly served the people of all ethnicity and religions. Our leaders are asked here to set good example as a single example can make a big difference in the face of glowing speeches or sermons.

In all, we need to look at history and beware we do not fall prey to our own unhealthy cravings and neglect the most important need: service to humanity. The contrary is to be lost in garbage bins of history. Leaders ought to set the example instead of pilfering the commonwealth and resources of our country through unbridled corruption. It is then and only then will others follow and Nigeria can have a just and fair society which is essential to a sustainable state.