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Nigeria to become Africa Headquarters For Tech Mahindra to Develop BPO Operations

By on July 4, 2011

Lagos, July 04, Tech Mahindra, a global systems integrator and business transformation consulting has made the decision to shower Nigeria as the Africa headquarters. This decision was taken on the eve of its second year of BPO operations in Nigeria, the company said. MTN and Multilinks, leading telecom operators in Nigeria have partnered with Tech Mahindra in the past two years of operations.

“We are extremely excited to be a part of growing market of Africa. We have already helped our customers in Africa to reduce their operating costs and generate new revenue streams,” said Sujit Baksi, President, Corporate Affairs and Business Services group, Tech Mahindra.

He further said, “Tech Mahindra has recruited over thousand local employees in Nigeria and it is our strategy to nurture local talent for effectively executing our BPO operations. “

Talking to the press, Krishna Gopal, vice president, Sales and Global Alliances said, “Tech Mahindra is committed to offering best in the industry services to telecom operators leading enhanced experience for the end consumers in Nigeria and the African continent as a whole. Tech Mahindra would bring its global experience across developed and emerging markets to offer top levels of service to operators and end consumers in Nigeria.”