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Misconceptions in PPP, a challenge in water sector, says IFC

By on March 26, 2011

THE International Finance Corporation (IFC) has identified misconceptions about public-private partnerships (PPP) in the water sector as a challenge hindering efforts to solve supply and distribution problems.

The corporation stated this in Handshake, a new peer-review publication from their stable.

Handshake, IFC’s quarterly journal on public-private partnerships, finds that prevalent misunderstandings – such as the idea that public-private partnerships in the water sector means the same as privatisation of water resources, and that these partnerships always result in higher tariffs – are two of the most basic points of confusion.

It addresses these controversies and many others in its debut issue, Tapped Out, which examines the role of public-private partnerships in water supply and distribution.

It offers readers insight and analysis through original articles such as Mythbusters: five common misconceptions about water.

“As governments in emerging markets look increasingly to public-private partnerships to address seemingly intractable infrastructure and service quality challenges, there are few places for them to find relatable, real-world ideas and solutions”, IFC Director for Advisory Services in Public-Private Partnerships Laurence Carter.

He said that Handshake takes advantage of the latest digital publishing and technology trends to reach a targeted audience that includes governments, donors, advisors, practitioners, academics, and researchers.

Source : The Nation