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Ekiti unveils new brand identity

By on March 26, 2011

Ekiti state government made a major move towards consolidating on the various virtues and attributes of the state and its  people,  recently, when it unveiled a new brand identity, which comes with a new logo, colour and six elements that represent the unique selling points of the state and its people.

The state governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi, while unveiling the logo in Ado Ekiti, also used the occasion to spell out some basic values with which the people of the state would like to be identified.

He  described the  initiative as part of efforts,  by the new administration in the state,  at repositioning the state,  make it  investors’ and tourists’ delight and   rebuild the core values, which the state was noted for.

The governor stated that the date of the event was deliberately chosen to coincide with the birthday of the former Premier of the Western State, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, since the birthday of the late elder statesman has great resonance in intellectual, political and economic circles across Nigeria, especially in the southwest zone of  the country, which Ekiti is part of.

It will be recalled that as a build up to the unveiling, a teaser, which played around various things associated with the state, had earlier been put  together by  Eminent Communication to arouse the curiousity of many observers, trying to identify the place that possess the attributes stated in the teasers.

At the unveiling, all the elements, which include, the vegetation, rolling hills, streams, woven cord and books, referred to in the advertising, were cleverly put together into the state’s new logo.

The Chief of Staff to the governor, Mr. Yemi Adaramodu, said all the six elements represented Ekiti as a brand.

While the woven cord depicts the culturally homogeneous nature of Ekiti people, the new dawn symbolises Ekiti’s place as the emerging land of opportunities and the hope and optimism associated with the Ekiti people, which enable  the people to rise above challenges.

The rolling hill, he explained, depicts the topography of the land, which is the origin of their name; ‘ile olokiti’ and that the vegetation depicts the fruitfulness of the land as it boasts of a wide variety of natural resources, which represents the people’s mainstream of livelihood –agriculture.

In what looks like a practical demonstration of the popularly held opinion that Ekiti people are enlightened, a book was used as a foundation of all the elements.

To show its tourist potential, the water in the logo represents the spring in the state, particularly the popular Ikogosi spring – the only place in the world, where hot and cold water springs naturally occur side by side.

Source : Tribune